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Weekly Vocab. 15-ish in Kash

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 30, 2003, 23:28
No points off, I hope, for lateness and out-of-sequence...

1. cream-- doesn't exist.  sucoloç, a sort of "soy"-milk
Cats enjoy eating cream.
kusimi yalisam imu sucoloç [mowa yanda ne vele riyondeni puna, ombi ne
yarumek fupruwi]
k.  it-like  drink   sucoloç [but don't 3s/dat give in-interior-its house,
since 3s/dat it-cause diarrhoea]
(Kusimi, as you'll recall, is a small semi-tame cat-like Cousin that hangs
around farms and eats vermin.)

2. thin-- tekur
sambat tekundri kusimi taya, ciyoñi ta yanahan tapa-tapat, ta virap sucoloç
so-much thin-of k. this, seem-its no it-eats anything-at-all, not
certain(ly) sucoloç

3. to promise-- mepunduñ < mepu punduñ 'make oath'
I promise to take care of the cat from now until the End of Time.
mamepunduñ malolan kusimi ya kasi tanju ri anduluse e yahani
I-promise I-protect k. that being now Loc end-dat. def. Time-gen.

4. to interrupt-- matrit
[The Final Destruction] interrupted my oath
ambundumbi cakamatrit ombi alo e acakrumi lus
oath-my  (accid.)interrupt because from def. destruction-gen. final

5. lightning-- cek, cecek
Lightning flashes brightly, not waiting for the previous bolt to stop before
the next one crashes down.  aargh.

6. unison-- mesa mangos 'one voice'
Thunder sounds in unison with the lightning.
pando pumbrucekeç içindi ambun mesa mangosni
much thunder-lightning-pl they-peak as-if one voice-their

7. shelter-- luruñ
There is no shelter from the terrible storms and earthquakes.
Ta yale luruñ mumundruk yanjakrumila ñaçakindala re cakatiras
not there-is shelter opposing typhoon-pl earthquake-pl REL
(Typhoons and earthquakes are animate)

8. ancient-- marombar, odd redup.of marok 'old'
Ancient buildings are ruined by the floods and warring deities.
nekanaç marombar caçakrum ombi alo rowakalayi i
çehamali marak re honder
building-pl. ancient overcome-by-destruction because from
flood-pl(anim.)-gen.and Spirit-pl-gen angry  REL attack

9. protest-- (vb) fikas, (n) apikas
Environmentalists lodge a protest with the gods regarding the destruction of
the planet.
e kaçila imepu apikas çehamale lire e hindan içakrum
def.peope they-make protest Spirit-pl-dat. w.r.t.-that def. planet-acc
(One could say the The People (the Kash) are all, by nature,

10. spite-- (for now) leleñ 'evil, unethical'
In spite, Loki and Thor rip the world to tiny pieces.
e hindaye cakatret alo e karana-trahaniyuwi i kratungandrini re cakaleleñ.
def. world/dat. overcome-by-ripping from def. pej-child-unsoul(Chaos)-gen.
and pej-clan/tribe-gen-his REL. overcome-by-evil
(Not sure about this "Son of Chaos and all his wretched crew", but it works
for now...........)

11. to regenerate-- rumale cis 'to cause-to-be (create) again'
Odin, responding to the env.'s pleas, regenerates the universe
e parahambesa yamanji anduro e kaçili, yarumale cis e parahañan
def. "Creator" he-answer plea def. people-pl-gen, he-create again def.

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