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Re: Tengwar Mode: German

From:Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
Date:Sunday, January 5, 2003, 17:26
--- In, BP Jonsson <bpj@M...> wrote:

 > You use the same solution for _tz_ and _pf_ which I suggested on
 > and got flamed for by a German guy.

The ignorant.  ;-)

I've found a German tengwar mode online that uses the labial
double-stem for /ps/, which only appears in Greek loans, while
/pf/ is omnipresent in German.  The author might even be the
guy who flamed you...

 > I like that you used Alda for _ll_, but why not then use Arda for _rr_ ?

I dislike the letter.  ;-)  But yes, |r-| is the only letter left
which has an irregular descender and thus could look unaesthetic
when doubled.  I'll change that.

 > A laita Hristyan!

¿Eh?  No hablo Queñol.  ;-)  (Though I sure love the language!)

-- Christian Thalmann, Úanesseon.


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