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Re: Coming to the end of the song...

From:Grandsire, C.A. <grandsir@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 15, 1999, 8:51
Sally Caves wrote:
> > On that note, I bid you all farewell for a while. Herman, > if you have any new revelations about the Pook, write me > privately! I need to hole up here, nurse the wolf, grade > my papers, do Christmas. I'll see you sometime in the last > year of the twentieth century (by which I mean after January > first!) <G> >
Well, you're gonna be missed Sally :( .
> I guess we aren't looking into the jaws of the New Millenium > just yet. Hope the Y2K doesn't bite! >
Okay, so I send you my little Chrismas card: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Sally! -- Christophe Grandsire Philips Research Laboratories -- Building WB 145 Prof. Holstlaan 4 5656 AA Eindhoven The Netherlands Phone: +31-40-27-45006 E-mail: