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A book report...

From:Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@...>
Date:Sunday, January 1, 2006, 7:34
I forgot to brag about my Christmas haul. There was not much that was
relevant to the group, but possibly of interest might be this gift from my
parents: a 1958 first edition of _The Decipherment Of Linear B_ by John
Chadwick. It's a slimish paperback, the size of any normal paperback
novel, more or less, with some light creasing on the spine, a library code
or some other catalog code on a small sticker on the spine (the code is
"489", does that mean anything to anyone?), and some quite light wear on
the top of the front cover. Inside, the pages are tanned, but not
horrifically so, considering it's a nearly 50 year old book. It smells
wonderful -- that really good "old book" smell that draws you into the
book and makes you feel immersed in the words. The words themselves are
engaging and lively, and read easily as well as any detective novel (to
which this is close kin, in a way). Original sale price: 95c. Worth now? I
dunno, but to me it has instantly become a treasure. I plan to read it
carefully but enthusiastically, from cover to cover.

Were there any other linguistics books among our collective Holiday loot?



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