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my conlang's numbers

From:Robert Jung <robertmjung@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 26, 2003, 3:31
Hi Janko,

Here are the numbers for my conlang (a loglang; no name yet):

First, please let me explain a bit about the grammar:

This language has no adjectives; instead, it has verbs.

Verbs are marked by the particle ang (precedes the word).

Verbs are marked for transitivity: awe for intransitive, iwe for transitive.

One question: Numbers are intransitive, right? (e.g. 'to be-four')

Here goes...

ang ena awe=one [from Greek]
ang bi awe=two [from Latin]
ang lome awe=three [from Hungarian (haárom)]
ang neli awe=four [Estonian (neli)]
ang lima awe=five [Tagalog (lima)]
ang sise awe=six [Latin]
ang seye awe=seven [French]
ang olo awe=eight [Italian]
ang nona awe=nine [Latin]
ang leka awe=ten [Latin]

vowels: a /a/, e /e/, i /i/, o /o/, u /u/
consonants: b g[hard] k l m n p s[voiceless] t w x[/S/ ['ship']] y [/j/]


Note: The conlang is due to be online soon!

Take care,