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Fwd (from Conculture): Accepted Crimes

From:Kristian Jensen <kljensen@...>
Date:Sunday, November 12, 2000, 23:37
OK... since no one reacted to this in Conculture, then I must assume
there are no Koreans in that list. I'm therefore forwarding this message
here in CONLANG. Yooohooo! Koreans!!! ;)

Brad Coon wrote:

>Kristian Jensen wrote: >ans... >> >> Something that has always bugged me about the Boreanesian >> kinship/marriage system is its viability in a large population. The are >> no precedents in the real world where moieties exist in a society with >> quite a large population. I have this creepy feeling that there are bound >> to be many Boreanesians that will commit incest as dictated by the > >Aacckkk, stepping in where my ignorance will show, I believe that >Korea has this problem. Something I vaguely recall from a newspaper >article (and we all know that newspapers are always correct) is that >there are a limited number of clan (?) names in Korea and one is not >allowed to marry within one's own. Not sure where to tell you to >look for more information but I seem to recall that either conculture >or conlang has Korean members who can surely tell you more than I. > >-- >Brad Coon >