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I won't start a flame warRe: Conlang T-Shirt

From:Jay Bowks <jjbowks@...>
Date:Thursday, November 4, 1999, 1:11
Irina Rempt-Drijfhout <ira@...>
>Would it make a difference if this list was called "artlang" not >"conlang"? >
No, not really.
>What would you say if it was the auxlang list coming up with the >T-shirt idea, and one of us artlangers came over and more or less >demanded for a lot of artlangs to be put in? >
I'd defend you tood and nail over at the auxlang list my friend Irina.
>We're just a different subset of the conlang community. Please let us >do our own thing.
Hey, I've been on Conlang for years. And I've done my best to support the conlang list.
>What void? Have you seen the variety of artlangs already sent in? Are >they not good enough? >
They are beautiful, Irina. That is my opinion, I was talking about quantity not quality.
>I'm not ashamed of making up a language that isn't meant for easy >international communication
Me neither.
>or to change the world,
Frankly whether an auxlang would ever... I seriously doubt it! My interest in auxlangs is the same as con/artlangs.
>however much >trouble people take to make me ashamed either of making it up,
Then shame on those people Irina, keep following your heart!
>or of >not using it for idealistic purposes. Neither do I feel guilty for >not wanting auxlangs on an artlang T-shirt. >
And you're entitled to your opinion, just as I.
>I'd say: > >- all proposed artlangs (that's what it's *for*, after all; to show >off) >
Cool! But I maintain that certain auxlangs have an inarguable artlang quality about them... Solresol cant be denied... who of us would ever come up with such... brilliant I say! Volapuk is neat stuff when it comes to its grammar... have you ever looked it up on the web... Esperanto's hatted letters are just as pretty as any runes, I feel, well maybe NOT, but close :-)
>- only those auxlangs *sent in by the maker* (I won't be so picky as >to stipulate that the maker should be on the conlang list). Yes, this >rules out Esperanto, because Zamenhof can hardly send a mail message >from the grave. >
Shame, a shame because we would deny the history of conlanging... Tolkien should also have a voice, won't you agree? Since, Jay B. P.S. 1 "I won't start a flame war" 2 "I won't start a flame war" 3 "I won't start a flame war" 4 "I won't start a flame war" 5 "I won't start a flame war" 6 " I won't start a flame etc.......... _---_ (ojo) `\_/'