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qT (and not qs) in Q'en|gai

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 2, 2004, 1:05
Dear fellow Conlangers!

The High Council for Q'en|gai Language Affairs (HCQLA) likes to
announce the following.

    The High Council made the (preliminarily) final decision to
    introduce a /qT/ consonant cluster into the Q'en|gai language.

 1 - This decision was made despite the fact that some single
     individuals from Germany, maybe even from the same state the
     President of the HCQLA originates from, namely Westphalia, might
     not like the phoneme /T/.

     To avoid conflicts, the High Council hereby defines that those
     who have any objections against the phoneme /T/ or against any
     other phoneme of the language Q'en|gai or against any vowel,
     diphthong, cluster, tone, allophone or sandhi or grammar rule in
     any possible dialect of the language Q'en|gai are explicitly
     forbidden to:

         a - use the Q'en|gai language orally,
         b - make proposals for alternative spellings or romanisations,
         c - become a member of the HCQLA,
         d - alter the language on their own,
         e - rename the language and then alter it on their own.

     Infringement must be punished by issuing a Merkbefreiung against
     the culprit (see Appendix A).

     The HCQLA is free to extend or restrict or otherwise alter the
     previous definition in the future.

 2 - The romanisation of the /qT/ phoneme shall be |qth|, which may be
     capitalised if appropriate.

 3 - The phoneme /q'/ (the uvular ejective) is hereby removed from the
     Q'en|gai language and replaced by /qT/.

 4 - Henceforth and thusly, the name of the language is now 'Qthen|gai'.

 5 - Similar decisions can be expected from the HCQLA for all ejective
     phonemes in the near future.

 6 - The HCQLA web page has not been updated accordingly, since other
     issues on the same agenda still need further investigation and

Thank you for your attention.

  Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Inform. Henrik Theiling
  (President of the HCQLA)

Appendix A:
   (in German only)


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