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CHAT: I'm baaa-aaaack.

From:Ian Maxwell <umlaut@...>
Date:Friday, October 11, 2002, 0:54
Hey, I don't know if anyone actually remembers me as I wasn't on the
list that long in the first place and don't remember contributing
anything of import. Went nomail around Mayish, if I recall correctly,
due to insane amounts of traffic whilst I was personally busy with
things other than conlanging. Anyway, I'm back because, well, I'm
engaging in conlanging a bit more actively again.

Also, I took a quick look through the archives and noticed that people
were wondering aloud what happened to Yoon Ha Lee? Well, as I just met
her in person this past Sunday, perhaps I'm qualified to answer that
question... Yes, Yoon is in fact married now, and has moved to
Cambridge, MA. Is mostly settled in by now, with net access and
everything, so perhaps she'll make a reappearance to the list in the
near future.

- Ian Maxwell


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