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Yahoo owns contents of geocities pages? (KMM4718612C0KM)

From:Charles <catty@...>
Date:Friday, July 2, 1999, 20:30
This may be of interest to the many Geocities page owners.
I am very unhappy with it, and recommend emigration and boycott,
and plenty of scathing messages to Yahoo! (TM, nazi SOBs, etc).

But I don't want to clog up the list with Yahoo/Geocities discussion.
(Who needs those stupid ugly Geocities ads anyway? And slow servers?)

Anyway, unedited, in fairness to the greedy scheming fascist pig lawyers
at Yahoo! (inc., etc), here is their reply to my scathing message to them:

Yahoo Privacy Policy <privacypolicy@...> wrote:
> > Yahoo! does not claim ownership of the content on your site. We never > have. > > One of the terms in the Yahoo! Terms of Service grants us the license > (in other words, gives us your consent) to use the content on your > GeoCities site. We ask for this license to do the job of serving your > pages to the world, but Yahoo! agrees to the following rules with > respect to the content on your GeoCities site: > > * You license your content to Yahoo! so that we can display the content > on your GeoCities site and promote the Yahoo! GeoCities services. > > * The license exists for as long as you continue to be a Yahoo! > GeoCities homesteader, no longer. > > * Yahoo! has the right to reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, and create > derivative works of your content only for the purpose of hosting your > GeoCities site and providing and promoting the Yahoo! GeoCities service. > > Some people have asked if under these rules Yahoo! can do things like > publish a book or make a movie using your Yahoo! GeoCities homepage > content. We cannot. > > We intend for these rules to be legally binding on Yahoo!. And, as the > lawyers say, to the extent that any of these rules conflict with or > modify the Yahoo! Terms of Service, these rules will prevail. > > Folks, please know that we've built our network of services and tools by > committing ourselves to our users. Starting in the early days of the Web > with the Yahoo! directory, we've always made it our job to respond to > your needs. We understand that we owe any success to you. We have no > intention of violating the trust that we've built with you over the > years. > > We're blessed to be working in an industry in which, on a daily basis, > we hear the good and the bad directly from people like you. We listen > when you talk to us. The recent merger of Yahoo! and GeoCities does not > (and will not) change that. > > We understand your recent concerns, but there are some very basic and > important reasons why an online company such as Yahoo! asks for such a > license. > > For starters, we use many computers to serve to the world the millions > of GeoCities home pages. In order to display your pages quickly and not > lose any of your content (say, in a computer crash), we often need to > copy your files onto more than one computer. Very simply, the license > assures that we can do this. > > In addition, if we choose to promote your page on the top of Yahoo! > GeoCities, or anywhere else on the Yahoo! network (even, for example, in > a marketing promotion of Yahoo!'s many services), we need to reproduce > the content. Again, the license assures that we can do this. > > There are many times when we use other companies to help us serve web > pages on our global network. Sometimes information is changed as it is > served to the world. For example, if your page contains images in JPEG > format and the other company's service uses GIF format, your images may > need to be adapted to fit in. > > These are just a few reasons. Also keep in mind that the Yahoo! > GeoCities Terms of Service (which have been standard on the Yahoo! > network) are very similar to the terms of service of many major Web > sites and online services, including other home page providers. > > We feel the recent merger of Yahoo! and GeoCities will provide many > exciting opportunities for our users, but if you'd rather not keep your > home page with us we, obviously, will respect your wishes. > > Please visit this URL and we will remove your home page and account as > soon as possible. > > > If you feel that we may have sent you an inappropriate response to your > question or comment, please respond to this e-mail and let us know. > > Thank you for your time, > > The Yahoo! Team