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Re: Utterance generator online (beta version)

From:Amanda Babcock <langs@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 3, 2002, 18:27
On Tue, Sep 03, 2002 at 12:35:37PM -0400, H. S. Teoh wrote:

> Well, it's something in between, I suppose. There are rough derivation > rules but there are a lot of exceptions, etc.. E.g. nouns undergo vowel > shifts when inflecting for case; and there is a general trend in how these > vowel shifts happen, but there are a lot of exceptions (mainly due to > euphonic reasons).
I'm noticing in myself a desire to make exceptions for euphonic reasons in Korahamla. I'm going to resolve that by figuring out what euphony means to me (usually it means "something unconscious from English" :), but specifically seems to be "move stress to heavy syllables"), and then decide whether the rules underlying my sense of aesthetics belong in my language or not.
> Plus, affixes generally don't shift vowels in case > inflections, although sometimes they do. So it's just very complicated to > deal with.
That *would* be tricky, if your automated vowel-inflector needed to remember which vowels came from an affix and which didn't...
> Or perhaps Ebisedian needs a Great Phonological Overhaul. :-)
> What you currently have is very interesting, though. I wonder if it's > possible to automate the construction of an entire sentence or passage. > :-)
That was actually half of the reason I wrote it, so that I can take the subroutines and drive them with an "explore all branches of this tree" algorithm in addition to the web-driven interface. (The other half of the reason is so that I can eventually have an utterance generator for my experimental language Disharmony (; no updates since I posted about it in April) that will actually generate the MP3 files.)
> Try GSView instead, I use it, and it seems better on Windows. Or if you're > on Linux, try GV, which is much better than ghostview.
On a Solaris box at work w/o root, actually :) But I'll keep that in mind for when I'm home on the FreeBSD box, though I don't usually bother starting X on that. Amanda


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