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Anything else to declare? (Was: RE: "if that makes any difference")

From:Shaul Vardi <vardi@...>
Date:Monday, February 28, 2005, 10:02
> > >>6. What is your gender? > > ---male (and gay, if that makes any difference) > > Yes, that actually does.
> Anything else I left out? Synaesthetics? Southpaws? Mood disorders? > Goldfish swallowers? lucid dreamers......? :) >
Sally - maybe you should add an "Anything else to declare" clause. At least it might yield some witty Oscar Wilde type responses. OK, so I'll come out of the closet twice - as gay and as left-handed (both of which terms I see as shorthand and inadequate references for about where I can be found on a spectrum, and not as hermetic categories). I've never *deliberately* swallowed a goldfish. I encourage anyone who doesn't have a problem with disclosing this kind of information to do so (especially all you straight right-handers!) so that the impression created is as representative as possible. Similarly, like Sally, I would be interested to hear from more women, including thoughts about the male domination of the list. Shaul


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