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VOCABULARY AID: Basic and Additional Vocabulary (topics 27 - 37)

From:Carsten Becker <naranoieati@...>
Date:Sunday, December 19, 2004, 13:31

Here's part IV. Sorry it took so long until I posted some
vocabulary stuff agian, but in the past 6 weeks, we've been
writing 10 class tests. Real Life™, you know ...


VII. Order

27. Division and Importance (Meaning)

absence, action, activity, character, condition,
consideration, course, energy, equality, force, group,
importance, intention, kind, management, mass, measure,
member, party, person, regard, resignation, respect,
responsibility, result, title, type -- to consider, to
consist (of), to divide, to form, to group, to handle, to
insist, to prefer, to resign -- absent, absolute,
considerable, detailed, immense, important, particular,
responsible, solemn, special

distribution, scheme, schedule, planning, foreground,
background, grade, to subdivide into, to dispose/to
postpone, to grade, to scheme, punctual, minute, minute,
initial, exceedingly, excessively

28. Order

appointment, arrangement, beginning, class, end, order,
position, preference, rank, rest, system -- to accompany,
to appoint, to arange, to attach, to begin, to change, to
class, to count, to distrubute, to finish, to follow, to
order, to prefer, to steer, to stop -- alike, almost,
apart, aside, away, backwards, behind, beneath, beside,
between, beyond

order of the day, agenda, succession, series (pl series),
procession, column, file, variation, to string together, to
stand in line, to file, to vary, to upset (upset, upset),
variable, isolated, one upon the other, side by side,
logical, systematic, successive/successively, nevertheless

29. Comparison

comparison, difference, distance, opposition, rate, sort --
to compare, to cover, to distinguish, to sort -- common,
contrary, different, distant, distinct, equal, independent,
inferior, irregular, like rare, such -- better, best,
extraordinary, least, likely, more

contrast, parallel, identity, identity card, similarity,
uniformity, to oppose (to/against), to contrast (with), to
parallel, to uniform, comparable (to/with), reverse,
parallel, similar, identical, uniform, equivalent,
constantly, in contrast to, in opposition to

30. Cause, Impact, Connection (cf. 19/20; 31; 63/64)

advance, attraction, cause, connection, control, effect,
end, force, origin, reality, reason, result, source,
success, yield -- to act, to add, to advance, to arise, to
attract, to bind, to cause, to combine, to connect, to
disturb, to end, to join, to realize, to result, to
succeed, to yield -- actual, original, possible, real --
according to, afterwards, against, although, anyhow,
because, before, former, further, since

proportion, conclusion, viewpoint, point of view, aspect,
motive, refection/reflexion, provocation, consequence,
circumstance, to disagree (with), to be subject (to), to
relate (to), proportionate to, corresponding to,
deliberately, inconsiderately, comparatively, possibly

31. Destiny (cf. 19/20; 30)

accident, adventure, birth, chance, complaint, confusion,
death, decision, defeat, determination, end, event,
failure, favour, fit, fortune, future, hope, life, lot,
mercy, necessity, situation, will -- to bind, to break, to
complain, to confuse, to decide, to defeat, to determine,
to escape, to fail, to feel, to obey, to resist, to
support, to threaten -- blind, careless, extraordinary,
extreme, hopeless, human, necessary, sad, serious,
splendid, sudden, unhappy, vain, violent

destiny, sphere of influence, temptation, intervention,
interference (with), destination, inducement, to prompt, to
interfere (in/with), to destine (for; to), to induce (to),
influential, tempting, brutal / fierce, inhuman

VIII. Organisation of a state

32. People, State, Government

address, admiration, agreement, citizen, committee,
government, group, head, importance, impression, influence,
instruction, intention, king, kingdom, leader, liberty,
message, minister, nation, native, opinion, order, party,
pass, people, population, president, program(me), public,
queen, rank, recommendation, record, reform, report,
representative, resignation, respect, ruler, system, view,
voice, vote -- to approve, to govern, to head, to increase,
to inform, to insist, to intend, to know, to organize, to
propose, to recommend, to record, to reform, to represent,
to side, to voice, to vote -- absolute, civil, independent,
national, native, political, public, responsible, solemn

federal state, republic, monarchy, sovereign, emperor,
tyrant, democracy, the House of Lords/Commons, right to
vote / voter, election campaign, majority of votes, ballot,
ballot-box, poll, legislation, acto of Parliament,
program(me), platform (Am), politician, session, delegate,
member of Parliament (MP), resolution, supporter, opponent,
cabinet, Prime Minister, Foreign Office, Foreign Secretary,
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Chancellor of the
Exchequer, Secretary of State for Home Affairs, Lord
Chancellor, ambassandor, treaty, national flag, decoration,
inhabitant, revolution / rebellion, conspiracy, riot, state
of emergency, institution, responsibility (for, of),
independence, human rights, treason, aristocracy, to
negotiate, to abdicate, to authorize, to contribute, to
abolish, to reject, to nationalize, to pension off, to
riot, to demonstrate, royal / republican, aristocratic,
democratic, parliamentary, official, radical, overwhelming,
riotous, rebellious, treacherous

33. Jurisdiction

account, act, action, advantage, blame, book, business,
case, cause, chair, commere, complaint, concern,
conscience, court, crime, criminal, deal, debt, delay,
doubt, effect, fact, faith, fine, law, matter, murder,
mystery, need, offence, owner, pardon, possession,
prejudice, property, rent, suit, trial, wrong -- to
acquire, to act, to admit, to arrest, to borrow, to
complain, to delay, to doubt, to lay claim to, to let, to
lie, to murder, to owe, to pardon, to possess, to punish,
to swear -- aware, busy, commercial, gilty, mysterious,

juristiction, common law, privilege, charter, licence,
law-court, jury, penal law/code, decree, legal proceedings,
law-suit, justice of the peace, sheriff, lawyer, violation,
accusation, defendant, warrant, evidence, investigation,
confession, sentence, penalty, imprisonment, confinement,
gaol, jail / cell, penal servitude, condemnation,
conviction, capital punishment, execution,
torture/suspicion, murderer / robber, swindler, pickpocket,
burglar / burglary, oath, perjury, bribery/caution,
corruption, denial, offender, reputation, to accuse (of),
to fine, to execute, to summon, to interrogate, to
incriminate / to exonerate, to discharge, to testify, to
assert, to deny, to convict/to suspect, to impose, to
inflict, to release / to acquit, to confiscate to condemn,
to investigate, to plead, to slander, to bribe, to extort
(from), legal, unlawful, illegal, innocent, suspicious,
legitimate, frightful, evident, unjust, aggravating /

34. Administration and Police

activity, admission, advice, amount, application,
appointment, arrangement, association, bill, control,
customs, direction, efficiency, improvement, management,
notice, officer, official, orde,r police, post, request,
staff, tax -- to acquaint, to advise, to appoint, to
approve, to arrange, to ask, to beg, to bind, to control,
to direct, to effect, to forbid, to issue, to manage, to
tax -- economical, local

community, municipality, authorities, town council, mayer,
Civil Service, administration, deprtment, magistrate,
certificate, birth/marriage certificate, passport,
driving-license (Am driver's license), building-licence,
registry office, Marriage License Bureau (Am), signature,
fire-brigade, hose, police station, legal closing time,
inspector, flying squad, plain-clothes men, fingerprints,
beat, precaution, regulation, intervention, status,
residence, residence permit, country of origin, visa,
customs duties/inspection, custom-house, customs
official/officer, civil servant, public notice, to
register, to circulate, to consult, to announce, to
suspend, to certify, municipal, secure

35. Military: Army

absence, advance, adventure, appearance, arch, arms, army,
art, attempt, attention, ball, band, bank, battle, belt,
blood, boat, body, camp, cap, charge, check, company,
courage, coward, cut, danger, dead, death, defeat, defence,
division, duty, enemy, energy, failure, field, fire, flag,
flame, flight, force, front, glory, guard, gun, hill, iron,
leave, life, man, officer, protection, quarters, range,
resistance, sacrifice, shot, signal, soldier, staff,
stroke, struggle, sword, tent, theatre, training, zone --
to accompany, to aim, to appear, to approach, to arrnag,e
to attack, to attempt, to be off (on) duty, to burst, to
conquer, to crush, to defend, to die, to dig, to
discourage, to distinguish, to encourage, to fail, to
fence, to fight, to fly, to guard, to hurt, to kill, to
knock, to occupy, to overcome, to protest, to quarter, to
reserve, to resist, to sacrifice, to shoot, to signal, to
struggle -- able, aboard, abroad, absent, killed in action,
active, ahead, around, backward(s), bold, brave,
considerable, hard, strong

armed forces, regiment, detachment, squadron, section,
commander(-in-chief), colonel, major, first/second
lieutenant, recruit, private, corporal, sergeant,
infantry / artillery, engineers, signal corps, badge, unit,
uniform, steel helment, kit-bag, equipment, fire-arm,
rifle, machine gun, pistol, rocket, tank, trnch, patrol,
ammunition, cartridge, shell, bullet, manœvre (Am
maneuver), barracks, parade, parade / drill-ground, sentry,
call-up (Am draft), reerves, flag, colours, volunteer,
garrison, to drill, to salute, to blow up (blew, blone), to
equip, to detail, to launch a rocket, to recurit, to
enlist, to explode, to fire off, to volunteer, to call up
(Am to draft), defenceless, explosive

36. Military: Navy, Air Force (cf. 57/58)

Basics: cf. 57/58

navy / naval port, warship, man-of-war, battleship,
submarine, cruiser, edestroyer, aircraft carrier, traning
ship, admiral, Royal Air Force (R.A.F.), (aero)plane (Am
airplane), aerodrome, airfield (Am airdrome), airport,
hangar, anti-aircraft defence, pursuit plane, jet fighter,
air-raid, air-raid protection, A.R.P., air-raid
warning/precautions/shelter, searchlight, black-out,
all-clear, siren, gas-mask, incendiary/explosive bomb,
atomic/hydrogen bomb, splinter, air-lift, airborne troops,
air photo(graph), air-/naval battle, air-/naval base,
parachute (troops), parachutist, to hoist/to lower a flag,
to cast/to weigh an anchor, to go down, to blow up, to
dive, to submerge, to devastate, to ravage, naval,
bomb-proof, airtight

37. War and Peace

agreement, anxiety, arrangement, cause, committee,
condition, confusion, connection, consideration, course,
coward, cruelty, delay, despair, determination, event,
exception, failure, fate, fear, fright, harm, hate, issue,
news, note, opportunity, peace, problem, proposal, protest,
quarrel, reason, regard, regret, relief, result, risk,
safety, terms, victory, war -- to argue, to arrange, to
bear, to confuse, to decide, to delay, to despair, to
determine, to disagree, to fear, to finish, to frighten, to
hate, to propose, to protest, to quarrel, to regret, to
relieve, to ruin, to make war on -- anxious, awful, ruel,
delicate, fearful, foreign, nervous, reasonable, safe,
unhappy, urgent, waste

armament, disarmament, campaign, ally / the Allied,
alliance, theatre of operations/of war, invasion, conquest,
conquerer, assault, aggressor, assailant, raid, volley,
bloodshed, combat, radar, explosion, casualities, retreat,
pursuit, treason, traitor (traitress), surrender, prisoner
of war (POW), captivity, captivity, occupation troops,
martial law, negotiation, armistice, peace treaty,
conclusion of peace, neutrality, warrior, warfare, field
ospital, war criminal, heroic deed, hero pl heroes),
victor, cowardice, refugee, to make/to wage war on, to
ally, to assault, to raid, to encircle, to disarm, to
release (from), to surrender, to plunder, to lay waste, to
smash, to withdraw (-drew, -drown)/to retreat (from), to
outnumber, to pierce, to vanquish, to betry, warlike,
decisive, desperate, unconditional, captive, missing,
traitorous, treacherous, alarming, disturbing, unequal,
heroic, victorious, bloody, cowardly


Eri silveváng aibannama padangin.
Nivaie evaenain eri ming silvoieváng caparei.
-- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Le Petit Prince