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Pirdänë ...a new language

From:Elliott Lash <al260@...>
Date:Thursday, January 18, 2001, 0:29
 Pirdänë is a new language I've been working on for around four days now. It
started when I picked up this old Gaelic Etymological Dictionary. It is
essentially Celtic words, warped by very strange sound changes, to come up with
something totally different. Anyway... I'll attempt to describe some of the
phonology, but keep in mind I'm not done working my way through the dictionary,
so I might not be totally accurate with all the sounds yet.

basically it should go like this

   /D/ dh                    /d/ d
   /0/ th (is this right?)  /t/ t

   /v/ v                    /b/ b
   /f/ f                    /p/ p

   /G/ (hm, this doesn't look quite right either) gh
   /g/ g
   /k/ k
   /X/ ch (i'm not sure this is gonna be in)

    /r/  r
    /l/  l

spirants/resonants (what's the correct name these days)
    /s/ s
    /S/ š  (s-hacek)
    /j/ j
    /w/ u/w (i'm not quite sure)
  and because i'm not sure where to put'em:
    /tS/ ç (c-cedille)
    /dZ/ gy

   /}/ ä
   /@/ ë
   /O/ ò (o-grave)
   /E/ è (e-grave)
   /e/ ei
   /u/ u
   /?/ ö  (this is a front o, like french soeur)
   /A/ á
   /a/ a
   /E~/ ê (just because i can't make an e with a tilde)
   /a~/ ã
   /o~/ õ
   /I~/ î (same problem as with e)
   /y/ ü

Some vocab, just to give you a taste:

iš "his"  išë "her" šõ "their"
gòn "from"
dhägy "ripe"
adhuk "corpse"
iešt "and"
dhark "horn"
dhart "pillow"
drãgu "funeral"
dighë "happiness" (-r) (this is an -r stem)
adhrëd "mind"
miert "barren"
miethë "time" (-r)

ãm "name"
niemëç "monster"

dhrî "number"

šlîgy "dream"
dhlugë "grace" (-r)
dhmies "hitting"
heiçt "guest"
dhri "some"
äd "again"
hädë "father" (-r)

MORE LATER ......... Tell me what you think