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Re: conlangs numbers (by:Etak)

From:Carsten Becker <post@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 17, 2003, 19:22
Hellow Etak!

Don't feel annoyed if you read this, Janko, but Etak, I must say if you read
the list for some time you will have noticed that Janko Gorenc is asking all
of us about our numbers. He collects them - I still don't know for what
especially or I've forgotten it, but it seems as if this was for statistics
and is not because he's interested so much in our conlangs - or am I wrong,
Janko? Perhaps I've got so many prejudices against Janko because on the
Zompist Bulletin Board, we were *very* long guessing about the reason for
collecting numbers from 1 to 10, why Janko always uses the same words,
whether he's a human at all and not just an nerving computer program/spam
program etc. But giving Janko your numbers doesn't cause anything bad, so
it's really up to you if you give them to him or not. If you don't he'll ask
again anyway.

Good luck with your conlang! Usually, we put our grammars online, so if
you've written it down on your computer, upload it if you want to! But
please - no .doc files for downloading! You never know if there might be an
evil macro virus inside...


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> janko gorenc wrote: > > Hi Etak, > > I'm collecting numbers from various languages. > I politely ask you send me numbers from 1-10 in your > conlangs. > Thank you for your assistance! > Janko Gorenc. > > Alas! My conlang is still in the early stages of > developement. I have hardly any vocabulary to speak > of (a few words, subject to change without notice), > and no numbers as yet. Sorry. And I only have one > conlang. I'm still working on my first one :) > ---Etak > > P.S. Thank you very much for your interest, and when > I do come up with some numbers, I'll be sure to post > them. > > > ______________________________________________________________________ > Post your free ad now!