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OFFLIST: Re: TinkerFont progress report

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 1, 2005, 16:58
Hi Carsten--
(re HL FCP)
> > Um ... how much is it in €? Wait, 1€ is currently ~$1.30 or > so IIRC. Is it 50€? Yikes, that'd be 100DM!
I'm very bad at converting currencies-- have to ponder long whether to multiply or divide...... But when FCP cost US$40/50, the Euro was worth (and fairly steady) approx. US$0.80; now it's US$1.30 (an incredible rise in fairly short time-- thank G*d the Chinese are still buying US Govt bonds, but when they wise up-- watch out!!) So I think you're right, US$65 = €50 (?)
> > I installed the demo version of it with my computer's clock > put on 12/31/2099 and then restarted the computer without > opening FCP. Then I put my date back and now I have >30,000 > days ... though it seems it doesn't work for everybody who > tries to do so. Maybe HL noticed this bug and brought out > version 4.x.1 with a bugfix? Maybe it's because I have an > outdated six year-old computer running Win98SE?
That's clever; perhaps I'll try it. Still, I'd feel a little guilty, cheating HL for their quite good product :-((((


Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>