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here is some stuff i want all of ya'll to look at even though

From:joshua tanaka <joshuatanaka@...>
Date:Thursday, August 26, 2004, 22:47

well okay now that i understand what an interlinear gloss is i shall redo my
original messege and maybe add a little more.

alyo, yeirgin os zhashyep greetings, name(my) is josh(stop) hello my name is josh.

zhe:in os halifornyab home(my) is california(stop) my home is california.

yeke:an os haquesyep self(masc.) is student(stop) i am a student.

thadin os Reib father(my) is ray(stop) my father is ray.

hanone:anin yeirgan os thandiib dog(masc)(my) name(of) is sandy(stop) my dogs name is

 yechoe:yen os horthe:b you(masc&fem) is good(stop) you all are great.

yeke:an labyer hortniib self(masc) love courtney(stop) i love courtney.

hanonwenar lune:ab dog(fem)(plural) run(present)(stop) the dogs are running.

morodhor os thoreib tower(plural) is tall(stop) the towers are tall.

aif / e:en lune:e:o av hastaiarep people(neu/both fem&masc) run(future) plus
horse(neu)(plural)(stop) the people will run with the horses.

nolyozh (opposite)greeting(stop:excited/suprised) goodbye!

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