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Re: Crosswords

From:Ingmar Roerdinkholder <ingmar.roerdinkholder@...>
Date:Sunday, June 1, 2008, 10:47
Yes, Bern, and Berlin, as well ;-)

"X" means "crossed with", so:

Bär, bear, beer X bjørn, björn = bern


German/Engl/Dutch "bear" crossed with Dan/Swed "bear" => MS "bear"

I'll try to copy and paste the crosswords list again from the original word file
of Concise Outlines of Middelsprake, hopefully it will be less wobbly this time!

Ingmar Roerdinkholder

Western Germanic     X     Scandinavian   =>    Middelsprake

oder, or, of               eller                oller   (or)
und, and, en               og, och              on      (and)
water (wasser)             vand, vatn, vatten   watern  (water)
Sonne, sun, son            sol                  soln    (sun)
schlafen, sleep, slapen    sove, sova           slove   (sleep)
nicht, not, niet           ikk(j)e, inte        nik     (not)
ich, I, ik                (j)eg, jag            ig      (I)
Bär, bear, beer            bjørn, björn         bern    (bear)
Wurzel, wortel, X root     rod, rot             rottel  (root)
Schnee X snow, sneeuw      sne X snö, snø       sneo    (snow)
fünf X five, vijf          fem                  fimf    (five)
Feld, field, veld          mark                 feldmark(field)
wann, when X wanneer      (hvor)når, när        wanaer  (when)
horse, hengst              hest, häst           herst   (horse)
Bauch, buik, buuk          mave, mage           buukmaag(belly)
Wolke, wolk                sky                  skuewolk(cloud)
Schatten, shadow, schaduw  skygge, skugga       skau    (shadow)
Kinn, chin, kin            hage, haka, hake     kinhaak (chin)
Himmel, hemel X heaven,    himmel               hevel   (heaven)
NS heven
Bauer, boer, buur          bonde, bunde         burnd   (farmer)
dunkel, dark, duister      mørk, mörk           dyrk    (dark)
island, eiland             ø, ö, øy             oyland  (island)
Marsch, marsh X moeras     mose, myr            morsch  (marsh)
Kartoffel, potato, aard-   kartoffel,potatis,   potappel(potato)
appel/patat                potet
klingeln, ring, rinkelen   ringe, ringa         ringele (ring, call)
antworten, answer          svare, svara         answorde(answer)
mögen, mogen               kunne lide           mag lide(like, appreciate)
Freund, friend, vriend     ven, vän             fren    (friend)
Woche, week                uge, vecka, veke     woek    (week)
nie, nimmer, never                              niver   (never)

On Sun, 1 Jun 2008 11:20:20 +0800, Eugene Oh <un.doing@...>

>I'm quite sure I just read somewhere that Bern (the Swiss capital) has >something to do with bears as well, so it was kind of surprising to see it >here too. (: >I have a question. I noticed that most of the words go in the order WG + >Scand. But "potappel" takes it the other way round -- why not, say, >aarpatet, or appotet etc.? > >Oh, also, what are the X's that appear sporadically inter the WG list? > >Eugene > >On Sun, Jun 1, 2008 at 2:59 AM, Ingmar Roerdinkholder < >> wrote: > >> What a coincidence! I didn't even know "crosswords" was an existing term
>> conlanging, when I created Middelsprake about four years ago.
>> is one of MS' characteristics. See the text below, from "Concise Outlines >> of >> Middelsprake" (2004) >> Ingmar Roerdinkholder >> >> is where you can find the >> whole >> file >> >> "... >> A characteristic feature of Middelsprake are the so called >> krysworde or cross words, which are not a kind of puzzles but >> crossings between words that differ quite a lot in the source >> languages, mostly between Scandinavian and Western Germanic forms >> See chapter 12 for a few examples > > > >> >> <snip>