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Re: THEORY: Language for a Multi-Species Society: Non-SexBased Gender Among AIs

From:tomhchappell <tomhchappell@...>
Date:Thursday, July 21, 2005, 18:26
Hello, Rodlox.
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> >From: tomhchappell <tomhchappell@Y...> > >Reply-To: Constructed Languages List <CONLANG@l...> > >To: CONLANG@l... > >Subject: Re: THEORY: Language for a Multi-Species Society: Non-
> >Gender Among AIs > >Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 22:26:03 -0000 > > > > >[SEX-BASED "GENDERS" AS SUB-GENDERS OF "LIVING"] > >First, "Living" entities are those that can grow or spread or > >multiply. > > fire!
Yes, fire is "Living"; and wildfire is even "Animate".
> > >Sex-based genders will apply only to those that can spread and > >multiply, in the sense of, reproduce themselves. > > if a rock breaks, going from being one rock, to being four rocks...?
1) "Reproduce itself" means that the young are genetically similar to (each of) the parent(s) -- nearly identical if just one parent, nearly 50% the same as each if two parents. (Nearly 33.3% the same if three, etc.?) 2) The rock can't break itself -- it has to get broken.
> >So "Living" entities that can only grow or spread, but not
> >will be of "neuter" subgender. > > how do you classify the fungus in the northern USA ? it's a
> organism, yet its bigger than a forest.
(I've heard something like that before, but I didn't know that that exact version was true.) If (some of) the fungus's spores can "sprout" into a complete fungus, it counts as "reproducing". So in that case it would be either Feminine, or Hermaphroditic, depending on details of which I'm ignorant. If my conlang's speakers are also ignorant, they might call it Living-Neuter or Living-Feminine, depending on what they thought. At any rate, since it can grow and spread, it is Living.
> >The main subgender will be Feminine, which will apply to all
> >which can "bear" young. This will include asexually-reproducing > >organisms, and machines that can copy themselves. > >There will also be a subgender of Masculine, > which will apply to any > >entity that can "fertilize" a Feminine entity > > what about parasitic wasps?
Good question! Like the Puppeteers in Larry Niven's books. I have an answer, but my time is up and I'm getting kicked off.
> > > >(cause/assist "her" > >to "bear" "young" that will then "resemble" both "her" and "him".) > > the wasps lay eggs in living animals, and when the infant finishes
> it emerges from the host - though it only looks like the egg-layer. > > > >contain Feminine entities; whereas, any entity that can reproduce > >itself without the help of another will be Feminine. > > parthenogesis