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Re: CHAT: Missing conlanger?

From:David E. Bell <dbell@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 16, 1999, 18:18
I am David Bell's stepson and would like to thank taliesin for his concern
about my Dad.  The Gray Wizard is alive and well.  He and my mother retired
to their home in Germany last August for a year of much needed and deserved
R&R after a bout of illness due more to overwork and fatigue than anything

Although he has no direct access to the internet, he has remained subscribed
to this list and a few others.  I have been monitoring them for him and once
a week I download the messages to a diskette and mail it to him.  He was
pleased to hear that he is still remembered.  He may be contacted indirectly
through this address  I will forward any messages to

He wanted me to tell you all that he continues his "language cobbling" and
his language "amman iar" has developed significantly given the amount of
free time he now has to devote to it.  He also wanted me to tell you that
since my mother reluctantly agreed to allow him to bring a laptop, he has
been able to continue his work on his "amman iar Reference Grammar (ARG)"
which now exceeds 200 pages.  He hopes to have it generally available soon
after his return to the States.  although he is not expected back before
July or August, he has been making noises about returning sooner.

Thank you again for asking about him, it made his day when he read your
message.  He holds you all in very high regard and your fellowship in the
past was always important to him.

Roger Normil

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From: taliesin the storyteller <taliesin@...>
To: Multiple recipients of list CONLANG <CONLANG@...>
Date: Monday, February 01, 1999 3:41 PM
Subject: CHAT: Missing conlanger?

>Anyone know how things are going with David Bell (aka. the >Gray Wizard)? Haven't seen life-signs of the man for ages, >and have grown increasily worried. There were talk of >health-problems when he left the list... > >Does anyone on-list have contact with him? I so wish to hear >that he is okay, but just too busy to travel in our spheres. > > >taliesin, >who needs to do something with this worrywart-thingy...