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CHAT: Lost (was: Azurian.)

From:John Vertical <johnvertical@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 8, 2007, 14:03
>> On the word itself tho, I could see some distinction between "lossed" >> and "lost" - the former feels more like a causativ of some sort. OTOH, >> since "lost" is one of the few exceptions to the rule of <o> being /o/ >> before /st/, there would also be some sense in adopting this as a respelling. >> After this discussion, I might even be obliged to. :) >> >> John Vertical >> > >This is interesting; I'd never thought about that before. So on the >one hand we have lost, cost, dost (archaic of course), and on the >other we have most, post, host. What else is there? Because by the >examples I can think of it isn't much of a rule-vs-exception thing >here. > >Eugene
For /Q/, there's also "frost"; and for /o/, "ghost". True, it's not much of a lead for /o/ by these numbers, but with "most" being clearly the most common of these words, I at least have interpreted that as the, well, not exactly regular, but still the expected pronunciation. (There's also a slight parallel with "-aste".) Here's a few extra *osts from Urban Dictionary: /o/ - spost "supposed"; jost "to creep the opposite sex out"; ?dost "frend"; ?prost "cheers!", "stupid" /Q/ - ost "ostensibly"; ?bost "busted" ?? - sost "suckled", trost "to giv up", chost (wildcard word) Looks like a lead for /o/ here... John Vertical


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