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Need advice on Troll!

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Sunday, March 31, 2002, 7:17
Well I changed some things around on LANKA (went back to using K for /k/ and /g/
instead of C). I made the trolls the product of a revival of Neanderthal man and
threw in the legends of Bigfoot and Yeti and the like.

Also, I'm still not sure about where I'm going to get the vocabulary; it could

1) From French and English, my original plan
2) From French, English, Spanish and German
3) From the "Big Six" languages used to create Lojban
4) From Esperanto
5) From Latin, including Latinified Greek

Another option is using Greek capitals instead of Latin. (Or the Trolls that
live in Russian-controlled areas could use Cyrillic too I suppose.)

I noticed the Lojban list contains no numerals. I was thinking of not having any
spoken words for numbers, but instead using sign language along with the
numbered item (that is, "three trees" is simply saying "tree" while holding up
three fingers).

What would be the most likely lexical items to be communicated manually rather
than orally?

(Also, I failed to mention that the Trolls were going to be called Orcs, but
that sounded too much like I was ripping off from Tolkien and AD&D.)



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