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Rihana: Hetiha: Sehahuzu 8A

From:John Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Thursday, June 24, 2004, 17:49
NOTE: This concludes the items currently collected in the "Sehahuzu"folder.
Again,I have numbered this 8A because I have treated Kushy Yemu as the primary
language for
this collection, rather than Rihana-ye, and this is a Rihana-ye text. However
(as of now),
there is no Kushy Yemu version of this text to be numbered simply 8. There
are texts
which mention later events involving Smallwhirlwind, but they are more
closely linked to broader political developments in the Pihana/Rihana area and are
grouped in the main line of the history. I am pleased to say that during my
current reak from teaching, I have been able to organize and type onto computer
most of the documents related to the later stages of that history, so I hope to
be able to continue it. For some time I had
lost the thread of the main history and it had been at a standstill until I
was able to
reorganize the material. Meanwhile I have been catching up typing earlier
I hope soon to have all the chronicles of the main line of history typed up,
and possibly on a website--Thomas Leigh, who had offered me website space, has
recontacted me and said he hopes to have my material up after his return from
vacation at the end of July. I had already sent him all the main line of
historical texts from the beginning to the point I had typed when we were in touch
last fall, and I hope to send him the rest in August. Since my major sequence
of chronicles actually has been wrtten in real time sequence (that is, the
oldest chronicle is in the oldest formof the language) readers
will be able to see the entire development of the language over time.
LANGUAGE NOTE: "Diwibira" should be translated "New/Young Whirlwind" not
"Small Whirlwind." Properly,"SmallWhirldwind" would be "Dibira."  However, the
translation "Small Whirlwind"for "Diwibira"  has become conventional. Readers of
my post on
the "Depressing Vocabulary" sequence may be interested to know that "ra"
(as in "bira," "fierce wind, tornado") is the noun root related to the verb
root "ro" breathe, blow (air)  as in "huro" "badly breathe"  for  headcold.
John Leland

Diwibira ge Ritibada-ye Kada
Smallwhirlwind and Coldprince's Daughter

Diwibira hetiba-fe-ye tiniba Hemanathe-ye
Smallwhirlwind rebels-of headman Desertedge of
vibasa-keRitibada-ye kada wibo. Veba wivaro
temple from Coldprince's daughter took. He said
veka vi Rihana-ye tika. Veka wivaro Pitibada
she true Coldland's queen. She said Hotprince
veka-deke seveba Hemana-me wilavejo, se kere
her-for himself Deserted-in sold, this from
veka veba-pe tika he jo-si. Diwibira
she him-against queen not be made. Smallwhirlwind
wivaro veba veka veba-ye baboka (wi)jo-vi, sepe
said he her his wife would make, but
veka wivaro here veba veka (wi) bo-vi,
she said if he her would take,
Tivaka veba (wi)biwo-vi. Pihana-ye jomiha-je
Goddess him would kill. Hotland's custom-by
veba Tivaka fugefu (wi)hebivajo-mi, se kere
he Goddess very greatly (was) fearing, this from
veba veka he (wi)bo ge vibasa-de (veka) wiwefebo.
he her not took, and temple-to (her) returned.
Veka varoba-by Pitibada-be se ha fufe wivaro.
She herald-by Hotprince-to this thing all said.

Copied 5.16.04