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From:Mike Adams <abrigon@...>
Date:Friday, September 1, 2000, 3:29
Definitely, we can say somethings on TV, but words that mean basically
the same thing, we can't say on TV cause of the conentation, but they
are the same meaning, just the word is different.

Fuck = can't be said
Screw = can be said
Hump = can't be said some times.

Shit= can't be said at times.
Feces = can be said. Why, cause it is a professional word.

Sort of the reason why lingos get "Enriched" as "professional" snob
words are slowly used by the common people to replace "naughty" words.
You see the same with racial names.

Yes, some have a more negative cohentation, but some are just used cause
it is PC to use them. Am I a white man, or a American-European?
Means basically the same thing, but in the end result it does not?


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