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Re: *mumble* *grumble* sound changes *mutter*

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Friday, April 28, 2006, 10:19

Paul Bennett writes:
>... > So, I'm notating the sound changes I have been using for Thagojian. I > have about 5KB so far, which seemed quite nifty, until I looked at > Thrjotran's 50KB file. > > The more I look at the results, the less satisfied I am that they > plausibly represent an IE language at around 1000CE, when compared to > the difference between PIE and (e.g.) Old English, or even Lithuanian.
You mean it's still too closely related to PIE?
> There is going to me a *major* set of updates. Be it noted that the > language formerly known as Thagojian should henceforth be known as > Classical Thagojian (Version 1.0). I guess I need to start paying > attention to vowel length and stress placement in PIE, as well as > learning more about the nominal and verbal stems, and the sound > changes in both Indo-Iranian and Balto-Slavic. Not to mention the > sound changes in Coptic and Hebrew. Ach y fi.
In a (remote) future version of the script, stress will probably be directly supported. Benct had to do some complicated stuff, too, to handle stress, I think. I did not need it, since stress is always on the first syllable in my file, but I did put it onto my TODO list.
> This will be no small undertaking, I fear...
But hopefully, it's fun! :-) And please show us results as soon as you think you have something presentable. :-) **Henrik


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