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R: Re: Multi-lingos

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Saturday, August 26, 2000, 17:30
> callanish wrote: > > > > Actually, philosophy of religion was quite, quite interesting. We > > > had a Greek who laughed at us trying to pronounce the Greek > > > gods' names, and.... > > > > OK, I'll grant that although the phonology of modern Greek has changed
> > significantly from that of Ancient Greek, it's still probably closer
> > more "authentic") than our method of pronouncing Ancient Greek as if it
> > English! > > Well, most schools don't use the old pronunciation that acts as if > Greek went through the Great Vowel Shift (where <nous> = /n&us/). > Most today use either the Erasmean system or the newly reconstructed > one with a distinction between aspirated and unaspirated stops.
In Italy we are taught that the Erasmean system is, AFAWK, the closest to the old pronounciation. I can't figure out how (Modern) Greeks can say their pronounciation is the same as in Homer's times. H, Y, OI, EI, HI are all pronounced the same: if this was true even 2k yrs ago, why not using an unique grapheme? Luca