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Re: Treatise on consonant clusters

From:John Vertical <johnvertical@...>
Date:Sunday, May 28, 2006, 16:05
> > the name of the German city of Gdansk (lang?) has initial B+B. > >"Danzig" in German, "Gdańsk" in Polish; cf. also Russian "gde" = "where?".
>Modern Greek has V+V, e.g. /vGazo/ "to take out", /GDino/ "to >undress"; these come originally from P+B by fricativisation(?) of the >B and assimilation of the P to V (and metathesis in the first case: >vgazo < *gvazo < *ek-vazo < ek-basso:; the second is gdino < *ek-dino >< ek-dyo:).
Ah, those wacky Slavic / Greek phonotactics again.
> > I don't know if S+B occurs anywhere - does anyone else? It seems >plausible > > enuff. > >What's "S"? You didn't define that. Sibilants? > >If so, I think Italian has this in words where Latin dis- turned into >the morpheme s-, e.g. sbandare. (Not sure whether this is [s] or [z], >though.) > >Maltese also has |sb|, though this is [zb] through regressive >assimilation, e.g. |sbieħ| "beautiful (pl.)". > >Cheers, >-- >Philip Newton
Oops again; meant "F+B". I gess phonemical voicelessness fits the bill, even if an actual phonemical S+B would still be neat. John Vertical