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Conlang Flags

From:Shanthanu Bhardwaj <shanth@...>
Date:Saturday, September 4, 2004, 22:37
    Just made a new on based on a combination of the two worlds idea and
the hieroglyph theme.  The image is at .  The swallows are
symbolic of communication between the two, and the yin-yang type idea
suggests that the flag is split equally between the real and conlang world
with both influencing each other.

Also, made a (not so good) variation of the celtic knot flag but replaced
the hieroglyph and chinese character with Chris' spark type symbol for

The aspect ratio for both is 3:5 (300x500px).  This is because it is the
closest one to the golden ratio, with a small-integer ratio.


``Quidquid latine dictum, altum viditur''