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Opinions on English (was Re: basic vocab)

From:Dan Seriff <microtonal@...>
Date:Sunday, September 17, 2000, 7:03
Robert Hailman wrote:

> > Hee hee, or if they're AGAINST your native language. :-) I personally > > find English an ugly language. To many consonant clusters, I think, is > > what makes it so ugly. > > I never cared for English either. I don't care for the consonant > clusters, and the orthography rubs me the wrong way. For Ajuk, I tried > to keep down the possible consonant clusters, but I'm not terribly > satisfied with it, so I might change it.
I've always rather liked English, at least once I realized that there actually *is* a method to the madness. It's not quite as subtle as Classical Greek or as rhythmic as Latin or as liquid as French, but it's a nice, solid language. The rules make perfect sense, once you learn them all, and they have very few exceptions. It's very utilitarian, flexible, and at times quite beautiful (as evidenced by some of the great British and American writers). It also has the great advantage of a huge lexis of loanwords from all kinds of languages upon which to draw, and forming new words is extremely easy. My quick defense of English.
> Robert
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