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Re: Code (was: What is needed in a conlang classification....)

From:Eruanno the Linguist ( AKA Teorondron ) <eruanno@...>
Date:Friday, February 2, 2001, 18:53
Mine is :

CED !L§MPAcg cBSM:R:S:H a++/++++ y0 n16:3 RX+/RC(slack ^_^)/RS !A E !L N1
ICDMPSV k++++ ia---: !p m++++/m/m---- o+++++ P++ d++ b+++ Spoken Thoughts

!L§MPAcg : ( I really don't know what sections of linguistics you would
classify my interests in...  And I am not too sure on Cognative )

y0 : ( I am sixteen, not too many kids )

n16:3 : ( I am sixteen, and have done almost 3 years of conlanging )

RX/RC(slack ^_^)/RS ( Slack is awesome!  JR Bob Dobbs!  S is satanism, I
have looked into that for a bit, but am a Christian mainly )  ( Sounds
funny, eh? )

!A : ( I been meaning to ask what the hell is an Auxlang... )

!L : ( ditto )

N1 : ( Learning Latin ( ITS NOT A DEAD LANG! ) )

ia--- : ( I think... )

m++++/m/m---- : ( I dunno where my future will get me goin.  I started a
stupid language ( false start ), then stopped and started a new one ( Spoken
Thoughts ).  I plan on working on a bunch of other languages, but not
incorperating just any of the features in one... )

I may have exxagerated a bit, but I ain't sayin ^_^
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