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nu aves khara ansha

From:Wesley Parish <wes.parish@...>
Date:Friday, August 16, 2002, 11:35
Here I am, about to assault your senses again ;^)

Here are some phrases and words in nu aves khara ansha from my novel.  There
are very few names as yet, and mostly those of the venya - strongwomen, names

Nu Melaimed Venya - The Strongwoman Melaimed
Nu Shelaisha fayake-Venya - Shelaisha the trainee Strongwoman
Nu Kra'Yishela Venya - The Strongwoman Kra'Yishela - Kra' means shape/ly,
Yishela means body; Nu Kra'Yishela Venya is strongly suspected of having
given herself that name; she is arrogant and has a highly inflated sense of
her own worth
Nu Tivenya Venyaya'en ret - the strongest of the Strongwomen
Nu Praleyo Nisya'en Raoyitshou - Praleyo the male offspring of a nisya
Nu Zhalie Khara'en Ansha - the land sacred to the hunt
Nu Ahn Forakh'en Melin - the Claw of the Morning - the Morning Star
Ai!  Isao Ineya!  Ineya Nyenin!  - O, this people, my people!

As can be made out from the samples above, nu aves khara ansha has a habit of
embedding head words in a phrase bounded by the definite article and the
supplementary adjectival phrase, in the case of Nu Melaimed Venya, Melaimed
is the head noun, being a proper noun, while Nu - "the" is balanced by Venya
- "Strongwoman" on the other side.  Word for word, one would translate it
"The Melaimed Strongwoman".

In terms of sentence structure, this should logically mean that a sentence is
an appositional set of phrases, a verb phrase followed by a noun phrase or
phrases, with the head word immediately following the initial word and the
adjectival nominals immediately following - though the word order is looser
for the adjectival phrases, and in some instances it appears that the head
nominal is a phrase itself - ahn forakh - "morning" - means something like
"sun up" ahn - "rise", forakh - "sun", and it takes the 'en dative marker.

"Kyansya - in your tongue (yhe vala lakha) it would be Inrasa."  Inrasa -
'ripening'.  I laughed as well.  An appropriate nickname for an adolescent
female, as Inkhayad - 'hardening' was for the few adolescent males I had met
going on their first caravan guard duty.

nisya - breeding  - colloquial term for GM huntresses, often specifically
bred to raise the standard in certain ways, with rights that were
traditionally beyond question - Vheratsho was alleged to be such by various
of the ineya khara ansha she met, on the basis of certain scent markers she
had, which gave a sourer scent than the rest of her kin.  she fervently
denied being it, which didn't come as any surprise.

Ineya    Razh?  Foolish people?
people   foolish

Ineya Khara-Ansha?  People of the sacred hunt?
         hunt    sacred/set aside
Khara'en Ansha - sacred to the hunt

"I'ai vralnei oro'en ma nye'en iri."  There is light between you and I.  We
can see each other and no blood has been spilt between us.  I didn't add the
corresponding phrase that my father taught me, I'ai nyoro'en nu lalno toie
toino - there is for us the one and same blood.

I'ai         vralnei oro'en    ma    nye'en iri.
There's   light     to you   and    to me  between

I'ai         nyoro'en     nu    lalno    toie     toino
There's   to us (Incl)   the   blood   one   of one/identical

"I'ai ulye toie'en rai vraite toie nya nu aves khara-ansha."  It is good for
one to hear the language of the sacred hunt.

I'ai  ulye   toie'en   rai     vraite    toie  nya    nu   aves
It's  good   to one   that    hear    one  such  the  language

of the sacred hunt

aninay-       kharake
group/pack   hunting

There's more to come.  "Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!"

Wesley Parish
Mau e ki, "He aha te mea nui?"
You ask, "What is the most important thing?"
Maku e ki, "He tangata, he tangata, he tangata."
I reply, "It is people, it is people, it is people."