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My S1889 crossover

From:Brian Betty <bbetty@...>
Date:Thursday, May 27, 1999, 20:47
K. wrote: "Hmmm... spaceships running on steam! Such a scenario reminds me
of an AD&D campaign world where spaceships are wooden ships running on
magic, and where some asteroids are overgrown and tangled together by giant

Yes, but Space:1889 is set in the Victorian and Edwardian periods, perfect
for primitive mechanicals with the expectation of new tech just around the
corner. It's such an interesting time.

I changed the original setting of the other planets in Space:1889 to the
system I laid out, a combination of Cthulhoid horror and my bio-anthro
training. I was too upset by the massive logical flaws of the inherited
system, whereas in my universe you need to swallow much less. Sure, the
steamships have 'aether engines,' but in my universe that is tantamount to
using a kind of warp engine - there ain't no aether, Einstein will be
correct (when he gets around to being Einstein), and evolution takes place
as normal. Sure, there are space aliens, but that's easier to swallow that
there is superhuman-tech available than to change the laws of physics.
Edison's 'discovery' of the aether screw, in my universe (which I term
HILF-Normal - long story) anyway, came as evil inspiration from the Mi-Go,
the Fungi from Yuggoth.

Horror and wonder and a good mixture.

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