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Greetings all & Re: The Very Very First Sentence

From:Matt Trinsic <trinsic@...>
Date:Saturday, February 14, 2004, 19:15
Hello again,
With all of the other people returning from absences, its seems I have
returned at a good time ;) I hope everyone has been doing well with
their languages. I know a good break always helps me come up with new
ideas and ways to polish up my language, so it has undergone a few
changes like normal ;)

Re: The Very Very First Sentence

> Can we imagine a world lacking the concept of > differenciation ? That would be even more primitive > than chaos. Chaos is lack of any organization. Without > differenciation, you couldn't even say that something > exists, because this simple affirmation would suppose > that it is possible that something doesn't exist, and > that's already differenciation. Differenciation looks > to me the most primitive concept at all. Without > differenciation, no word for yes or no, for true or > false, no word, no language at all. The very first > phrase one logically can conceive is probably: "There > is something" (but this English form is fallacious, > because it includes the word 'there', supposing > localization; better in French: Il y a quelque chose, > or even better in Russian: Est' chto-to (the word > 'chose' also sounding too concrete), or German: Etwas > ist. > > Wow ! Time to go to sleep, I guess. > > ===== > Philippe Caquant
Ver interesting Philippe. In that case, the first sentance in slathred ekryd could have been an interjection, "siz". It bascially means something that has been differentiated from something else. However, for a theory of something even more basic that differenciation, how about sensation? Without the ability to sense, differences could not be noticed even if they did exist. ~Trinsic


Philippe Caquant <herodote92@...>