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Re: Conlang puzzles (Was: Re: New monster word in Maggel ;))))

From:Jeff Jones <jeffsjones@...>
Date:Sunday, August 4, 2002, 8:59
On Fri, 2 Aug 2002 10:22:48 -0400, H. S. Teoh <hsteoh@...>

>On Fri, Aug 02, 2002 at 03:07:25PM +0100, bnathyuw wrote: >> --- Christophe Grandsire >[snip] >> anyway, i like these puzzles. anyone else feel like >> throwing a peculiarity to the lions ( altho i have a >> feeling we're more like kittens than lions ) ? >> maggelity not a necessity ! >[snip] > >Well, Ebisedian doesn't quite have such convoluted phonological oddities >as Maggel (btw, now that I think of it, exactly how do you pronounce >"Maggel"?!), but it certainly has grammatical ones. Anyone up for the >challenge? ;-)
If you post something, we'll find out! In the mean time, since I've been working on examples for Rubaga Ortho. Part 3, I thought I'd list a few for bnathyuw (or anyone else). {sé} + {dez} = {se dez} [Se:"d_Ze:z] {eû} + {deadê} = {eu neade} [ju:"Ja:.d_ZI] {e} + {deade} = {e zeade} [I"Za:.d_ZI] {sea} + {caha} = {sea caha} [S3"Xa6.h3] {eâ} + {cahâ} = {eá gaha} [ja:"ga6.h3] {eá} + {cahá} = {eá caha} [ja:"ka6.h3] {sea} + {stéla} = {sea téla} [Sa:"t_Se:.l3] {eâ} + {stélâ} = {ea zdéla} [jaz"d_Ze:.l3] {eá} + {stélá} = {ea stéla} [jas"t_Se:.l3] {sé} + {orsó} = {se forso} [SU"h_OOr`.sU] {eû} + {orsû} = {e orso} ["jOr`.sU] {e} + {orso} = {e orso} ["jOr`.sU] {ane} + {doarme-se} = {ane doarme-se} ["a:.JU "D_wAr`.mIS] {nô} + {doarme} = {no noarme} [no:"nwAr`:Im] {none} + {gauzese} = {none gauzese} ["no:.JI RU"ZEiS] {nû} + {gauzese} = {nû gauzese} [nu:.NU"ZEiS] enjoy! Jeff J.
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