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Vocab questions

From:laokou <laokou@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 27, 2001, 2:58
Mostly Hungarian, I guess.

'ceasefire' yields 'tu"zszünet', while my German-Hungarian dictionary
translates 'Waffenruhe" (Swedish "vapenvila") as 'fegyvernyugvás'; they both
seem like literal translations of the English and German/Swedish terms
respectively, which is better, or is it much of a muchness?

'grant an interview': beszélgetést ad  or interjút ad  or?

clone (verb and noun), and cloning magyarul?

stem cell,  szársejt?

And auf Deutsch?  Stielzelle? (langs like French and Chinese translate it as
"trunk cell") how 'bout Hungarian and German?

Thanks to those who can help,



Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>