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Re: Marking tones in conlangs

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 7, 2006, 19:30
Joseph B. wrote:
> I'm curious to know how others here mark tones in any tonal conlangs they > have created. >
Gwr is monosyllabic and has 5 tones: high, high-falling, mid, low, low-rising. In my ever-growing wordlist, I'm using XXX-h/-f/-m/-l/-r resp. In html, I use superscript h/f/m/l/r or 5/4/3/l/2 resp. (with a slight bias toward the letters since they're obvious) and those seem to be the clearest and least likely to lead to confused readings. As I recall, David Peterson's Sheli used numbers, but in a different order. I tried using diacritics, but since two vowels aren't standard (r and ÿ y-umlaut) (and for a while I couldn't do unicode things like macron and breve), that didn't work. Apparently there's a way to get diacritics onto ANY letter, but I haven't figured that out :-( I tried using acute for high, circumflex or \ for falling, no mark for mid, grave for low, and / for low-rising. Again, the problem of r and ÿ. Hmm, one could use 0175 ¯ for high, \ falling, nothing or - for mid, _ for low, / for low rising, but they clutter up text, I think; something more mnemonic (letters or numbers) is clearer and more immediately understandable. The native script will have special diacritics, but so far proper placement has been a problem. Vietnamese as I recall uses a variety of diacritics, including dot-under; but some vowels require two IIRC.


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