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My current practise in using Conlang e-mails

From:Clint Jackson BAKER <litrex2@...>
Date:Saturday, January 3, 2004, 2:52
Dear all--
I just deleted a zillion conlang e-mails. Originally I had tried to delete
occasionally with the hope of getting to the ones I thought useful. But this
hopelessly backfired when I saw that my account was at 125% of its limit.

In the year-plus that I was away, both the population and traffic of this list
exploded. I cannot come anywhere near reading all of the e-mails. There are not
enough hours in the day. Additionally, I have calculated from my deleting in
the recent past that about 95% of the e-mails are irrelevant to what I hope to
accomplish. That does not mean that these e-mails are without value--please do
keep posting!--but it means that there is very little that I can read that
meets my particular needs as a conlanger.

So, I have to tell you all this:
If I see the same subject title over and over and over, those will be deleted,
because I know that the subject has drifted considerably, but there is no way
to tell what the current subject is from the outdated subject title.

Chit-chatty messages will more than likely be deleted, unless they are someone's initial
introduction, or it is directed to me. Sorry--I simply have far too much going

I will delete others at my discretion.

I'm sorry--it's just that the conlang list has become enormous--which is in itself
a good thing. But it has become too unmanageable to me.

I tried to express all of this in a gentle manner, and I think I failed. I hope
I have not hurt anyone in the process. (You know I will want to keep hearing
personally from some of you, too.) But I have had to do something to make this
manageable for myself, and unfortunately, I have had to be drastic about it.

Thanks for understanding.

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