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Neat conlang words

From:Thomas R. Wier <trwier@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 18, 2003, 6:16
Quoting Nik Taylor <yonjuuni@...>:

> Andreas Johansson wrote: > > Yza reimolazo > > yza reim -ol -azo > > 3f see PASSIVE PAST > > "She saw" > > > > Eze reimeizazo > > eze reim -eiz -azo > > 3m contact ANTIPASSIVE PAST > > "He was seen" > > This seems backwards to me. Shouldn't the first be "antipassive" and > the second "passive"? > > > PS Altaii word of the day; Maralandzhinistaiz "neotraditionalism". > > Reminds me of "Democratic Monarchism", the political philosophy behind > the Fifth Kassi Empire. I don't know their language well enough to know > how to say it, tho. :-)
Reminds me of Phaleran: _Andûrprâs_ "Rule by the whim or fancy of a hereditary autocrat". (This was inspired by the English word _schediasmatocracy_, of the same meaning, used to describe the internal politics of the city of Chicago.) ========================================================================= Thomas Wier "I find it useful to meet my subjects personally, Dept. of Linguistics because our secret police don't get it right University of Chicago half the time." -- octogenarian Sheikh Zayed of 1010 E. 59th Street Abu Dhabi, to a French reporter. Chicago, IL 60637


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