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(late): The Name of the Rose/John 1:1: Tyl Sjok

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 5, 2001, 0:30

I just found out that this sentence sounds very nice in Tyl Sjok.  I
did not have to extend the vocabulary this time...

   In the beginning there was the word and the Word was with God
   and the Word was God.

Tyl Sjok:
   Il hw sin u ting Kjol Tesa il u king Kjol Tesa il.

The nice thing is that accidentally, I had defined
   ting = to have, with
   king = to be (the same as)

So the last to parts match very closely. :-)

   il=   word, to speak
   hw=   (happen) when
   sin=  front; beginning
   u=    <coordination particle>, here: and
   ting= (to be) with, to have
   Kjol= ruler, master
   Tesa= heaven, sky
   king= to be (the same / alike)

This posting was just to share my happiness of the day... :-)