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Re: Missing relays

From:Nomad of Norad -- David C Hall <nomad-conlang@...>
Date:Monday, January 9, 2006, 16:42
Hi taliesin (taliesin the storyteller), in <20060109112022.GA32619@...> on Jan 9 you wrote:

> Both relay 2 (Sally Caves' Bast-text) and 3 (Nicole Perrin's Bliss of a > Fairy) are gone from the net. The latter is completely gone but the > former at least has the order of participants online: > > h > > * Does anyone have a copy of the entries?
Have you tried checking Wayback for it? Plug the desired URL into the field in the Web rectangle near the top of the page. Or better yet, get the Firefox extension called Methusalem: It takes the place of the Wayback extension, which broke under Firefox version 1.5. With this, you can just right-click the broken link on a page and select Wayback [This] Link, and it will take you to the Wayback service's copy of that page, without you having to manually copy-and-paste it into that field at their front page. Assuming they archived the given page, that is...
> * Might it be an idea to have a common "safe house" for all relays so > that they won't be lost in the future?
Probably a good idea. Do some kind of automatic mirroring, perhaps.
> t.
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