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list administrator speaks

From:David G. Durand <david@...>
Date:Friday, January 14, 2000, 18:54
Lots of things going on in my own life have prevented my keeping up
with conlang recently, but I had to free the list today, and I now
see that  some discussion of a "joke" or "poem" is the cause of the
unusually high volume which made the list exceed the daily posting

I also see that this discussion is pretty far along in the process of
net-discussion-degeneration. It has already reached the stage where
people are defending blatantly off-topic discussion that is that is
generating complaints in terms of a right to "free speech." Before
someone starts being compared to Hitler, completing the process of
degeneration, I am calling a halt to this discussion. This is a list
about constructed languages and language construction. You are
requested to exercise your rights to free speech in another forum
where you may express your outrage at whatever offenses you may have
been committed. Private email to the offenders is fine. Further list
discussion is not.

I will accept complaints about this by private email, but while I
will accept such complaints, I will almost certainly not act on them.

   -- David
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     Graduate Student no more!              \  Dynamic Diagrams