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Re: Any speakers of Bendeh?

From:Jim Henry <jacklongshadow@...>
Date:Friday, April 15, 2005, 21:06
Holger <tsfsi@...> wrote:

>as I am writing an article for the german version of wikipedia on Bendeh and >the article is forced to be deleted, I ask if you know how many ever have >spoken Bendeh or if you know anything about the growth or decline of a >perhaps existing Bendeh-Community. Thanks so far.
If you didn't already know about an existing Bendeh-community, why start writing an encylopedia article about the language? What else about it makes it of encyclopedic interest and importance? I don't know about the German Wikipedia, but the English Wikipedia seems to be biased against conlangs in general, so unless a conlang has a number of speakers (or had in the past, like Volapuk) or is used in a popular work of fiction, an article about it is likely to be deleted. Even the article on Toki Pona, which has about 20-30 speakers, has narrowly missed being deleted once or twice. Ceqli has several speakers besides its author, but its article was deleted. The Esperanto Vikipedio is more generous about conlang articles, but even there an article on a conlang of no interest to anyone besides the author and a handful of fellow artlangers is not likely to last.