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Fyksland Headline News Weekly - 200124

From:Kvasir - Vaijskä <kvasir@...>
Date:Saturday, December 1, 2001, 6:40
Vaijskäna Niehæteren Ugea / Weekly News from Fyksland

Fresh off the press! English Edition 200124 is now availble online at:

Archived news up to 17th June, 2001 are available at:

Comments/questions send to

Headline News Gallup Poll
- Do you think the flying night club idea will soar?
- Should Fyksland execute war criminal Kaal Hoeke?

P.S. Sorry this has become a bi-weekly posting because of my busy schedule.
However the news items are still in weekly editions. Hopefully issues will
become normal like it was starting January 2002.

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