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Re: Invaluable conlang links: new site

From:Tristan <kesuari@...>
Date:Monday, January 20, 2003, 1:42
daniel andreasson wrote:

>Dennis Paul Himes wrote: > > > >>A good site. You should change the value of the TITLE >>tag to something other than the address of the site, though. >>I suggest "Invaluable Conlang Links". >> >> >Yeah I know. The problem is that I can't. The .tk domain seems >to automatically name the page to the domain name. :/ > >If you want a page with the title Invaluable conlang links, >and without the popup, see: > > > >The address is a bit long though. :p > >I don't suppose anyone know a way around this? > > >
If you don't mind losing the short address (and this won't kill the popup, but I never even noticed it---I have popups disabled), try adding <base target="_top" /> to the <head> section. People will remember one but see the other, and get your title. (Note: I've never done it myself so I don't know how well it'll work.) Tristan. - Yahoo! Movies - What's on at your local cinema?