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Re: Looking for NGL information

From:Carlos Eugenio Thompson (EDC) <edccet@...>
Date:Thursday, April 27, 2000, 18:21
Problem wit Deja is that it search new archives only for default but you can
tell deja to look at ald archives as well.  For more on NGL vector tense
(VTT), you could also contact direct with Jerry Koenig
  Gerald Koenig <jlk@...>
He also shows up at Conlang-L.

Jerry's writing kit at Jack's site seams to be truncated... I had an older
version in my site:

(or /NGL).

-- Carlos Th

> Gressett, David wrote: > > Well, at least one old post by Gerald says I can find info at > <> > but I am not granted access. Anyone else know where to look? >