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Yoon & Teoh: Correlation between composition and conlanging? ;)

From:Daniel Seriff <microtonal@...>
Date:Thursday, August 10, 2000, 20:14
Hey, I'm also a composer, although I graduated with a piano major from
college. I seem to remember someone else on the list saying that they
composed some music, maybe more than one person. Ever tried setting
anything in one of your conlangs? I'm toying with the idea of writing
some Mungayod poetry and setting it for voice & piano, but I'd feel a
little silly publishing it, I think.

If you're interested in my music, go to
"". I don't have
any MP3s up, because Tripod doesn't handle them very well, but I'm
looking for off-site space to put them as demos.

Daniel Seriff

Si iterum insanum me appelles, oculum alterum tuum edem.