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Weekly vocab. #20 in Kash

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Sunday, September 7, 2003, 0:38
This is taken from _The Realistic Story_ by me.
alo añahanimi  _anjura alek-alek_
from creation/gen-my _story real-real_

*marks new words or extended meanings

1. cloud kaham
A cloud of pointless evil plagues the world.
hindaye cakrakena* kahamini traleleñ re tatracañ
world/dat overcome-by-suffering cloud-gen-of it evil REL un-meaning
(tatracañ for correct tratacañ; the -r- is displaced, or could be deleted,
for euphony because of preceding _re_)

2. to mock hura, cakura
It mocks my solvency in evil
Excuse me, this sentence makes no sense.
maturopo, angota tayu tratacañ
I-beg-just, sentence this makes-no-sense

3. to slit lica 'cut'
I pretend to be dead, and it does not kill me
mawonji mahombra, i ta me rungombra
I-feign I-dead, and not me/dat caus-die
(onji is pretend/with intent to deceive; play-pretending is capani-panip)
(pindaç ravas ombi kotani ta iyumit ri angota)
point-pl  off  because word-its/the not they-use in sentence)

4. throat - here, hendiñ 'neck'.  katakur lit. 'the swallower' refers to the
internal throat
I hold a hand across my throat to stop the bleeding.
mawumit nilus ri hambandri hendimbi va rindi lukutni
I-use hand LOC across-its neck-my in-order stop bleed-its/the
(va for vara; here the two r's elide for euphony)

5. to breathe pahan
Now I can't breathe
tanju ta (ma)pole pahan
now not (I-)can breathe

6. to spread NO.  traçuña* 'un-grasp; release one's hold'
I spread my fingers.  Now I bleed _and_ have trouble breathing.
matraçuña hendimbi.  tanju malukut, lavini rakop mapahan
I-un-grasp neck-my.  now I-bleed, moreover difficult I-breathe

7. handkerchief NO. scarf aciket
I tie a scarf around my neck to hide the scar
marucim aciket ri hendimbi vara purik viviñi*
I-caus-tie scarf LOC neck-my in-order hide scar-its/the
(vivin(e) 'scar' < vine 'wound(ed); caus. rumivine 'to scarify the skin'-- a
mostly obsolete practice of certain primitive tribal groups, Kash, Lañ-Lañ,
and Gwr.)

8. beer (analogue)  kofa
Beer solves all my problems, such as memory, intelligence and a functioning
kofa yale minja liri yuno kracalmi, moyondi andimbur, añiña i yuka kavan
beer is answer w.r.t. all problem-my, for-ex. memory, intelligence and liver

9. broke, bankrupt cakaleçe-leçe  (implies, from foolish spending) < leçe
Due to medical bills and tavern tabs, I am flat-out broke
ombi alo akangaçini kandúm i likat*, me cakaleçe-leçe
because from bill-pl-gen-its doctor and tavern, me/dat .....
(Taverns, to me, connote dark and dingy places where one goes to mope.  niya
trakaç 'very un-Kash'.)
"Broke" could also be cakatowi [tSaka'toj] (colloq. for cakatoye)
'(temporarily) out of money')

10. identity kacaran* (kati face+aran name, we could equally well just use
aran 'name')
A new identity will protect me from the bill collectors.
kacaran velu me yalolando mundu-mundruk katingirilan*
identity new me/dat it-protect-fut against bill-collector-pl-acc.
(singir 'to dun', agt.noml. katingir 'bill collector'; cakasingir 'pursued
by...' also e.g. ñakimi cakasingir 'My car got repo'd', perh. colloq.
kacingi 'repo-man' ;-)  )

Ená, timbani!
¡Basta, che!