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Re: Orhography (and phonology) dilemmas

From:Kristian Jensen <kljensen@...>
Date:Sunday, February 14, 1999, 20:48
<Regarding contrastive <r>'s:>
If you want two different <r> phonemes, you need to create words
where they actually make minimal pairs of words that differ only
with this sound. If not, then I guess you need to figure out a
reason why they contrast. Like you implied yourself. 8-)

<Re: The contrast between geminate vs. double vowels:>
It seems to me that since your double vowels can appear in two
qualities with differing stress patterns (Vv stressed-unstressed vs.
vV unstressed-stressed), then there should be some kind of hiatus
(syllable boundary) breaking up your double vowels. If such is the
case, then you can symbolize your double vowels with a hiatus
between vowels. I would represent this hiatus with a period just
like the IPA, eg.; <i.i> <a.a> <u.u>. As for syllabic geminates, the
way I understand gemination, a syllable break does not
(necessarily?) exist. So then you could represent the geminate
vowels by double vowels without the hiatus, eg.; <ii> <aa> <uu>. In
this way, you can abandon the uppercase-for-gemination idea which
you now dislike and instead represent geminate consonants by doubly
written consonants in a similar way to syllabic geminates.

Hope that helps,
-Kristian- 8-)