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Re: more English orthography

From:Denniss Paull Himze <dennis@...>
Date:Thursday, May 18, 2000, 17:35
> > I think I've got a two-way distinction between Mary/merry vs. marry.
and, in another post:
> It was John Cowan who has the three-way distinction. I have a two-way > distinction. You make no distinction. Most of the literature I've read on > the subject notes these three types of dialectal variety.
Just to confuse matters, I have a two-way distinction, but it's different from yours. I have Mary/marry /mer i/ vs. merry /mEr i/ (at least in careful speech -- in rapid speech "merry" tends to be /mer i/ also). /m&r i/ sounds weird to me. I don't think my dialect allows /&r/. In Vermont Revised Spelling /mer i/ is <mairree> and /mEr i/ is <me'rree>. If /m&r i/ existed in VRS it would be <ma'rree>. Murray is <merree> and <marree> is not a word, but if it were it would rhyme with <starree>, "starry". =========================================================================== Denniss Paull Himze <> Disclaimmer: "Troo, y tolk uv dremze; wich ar dha chiljrin uv an idle brane, beegot uv nuththenge but vane fantucee; wich iz az thin uv substuns az dhe are." - Roammeeo & Juuleeet, Act I Cene iv Vers 96-99