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Re: more English orthography

From:DOUGLAS KOLLER <laokou@...>
Date:Thursday, May 18, 2000, 4:46
From: "John Cowan"

> > /E:/ vs. /E/? A big three-way > > distinction sounds very New York to me.
> Well, I was born just outside the standard Newyorkese isogloss bundle > (/oi/ -> /@/, e.g.) but I have [mejri], [m&ri], and [mEri] quite > clearly.
I had no intention of dismissing your experience. It's just that, for me, when I hear /mejri/, I begin to start anticipating expressions like "stand on line" and "Could we let's go already?", and the word "ruin" almost pronounced /ryn/. Perhaps "New York" paints it with too large a brush. Brooklyn? If I understand you correctly, the (/oi/ -> /@/, e.g.) (and isn't it vice versa, too?) thing sounds like Archie Bunker, and didn't the Bunkers live in Queens? Kou